Am I doing this blog thing right?

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to peruse this blog. You’ll have to be patient with me as it slowly builds – for I know not what I do with design (not much at least.)

I began thinking about creating a blog for some time now. It began a few months ago as I was staring down the barrel of my senior year of college with a peculiar dread and unnameable anxiety. Finishing up a degree is not something most people would attribute with feelings of dread (anxiety? Sure.) – however, choosing a degree in literature with a minor in Journalism has formidable (note: not impossible!) post graduate options. I like school. I like writing. I love stories. However, what I love the most – the truth. As abstract, malleable, and hard boiled as it might my endless journey in life has driven me closer and closer to a calling of trying to find it, expose it, learn from it. Through literature, art, journalism, and music I have always been trying to find that human thread that brings us together and, also, sometimes divides us.

Learning has and will always be a hobby of mine – but, for me, and many of my peers, we enjoy learning through unconventional means. We search for things beyond classrooms and textbooks – and that writing process, and the need for creative feedback and a sharing of thought can’t end just because my formal education is nearing a close. Thus, an idea for a blog came to me through the encouragement of my mother, brother, father, and friends.

So what am I about? Well, I’m trying to figure that out. And that’s what I’m about right now. As my friends and I slouch out of academia and toward the work force we’re confronted with new feelings, thoughts, and cultures where we’re battling insecurities and foreign territories. I like to think this a blog as a safe haven, a place where, maybe, and I hope, reading will bring a sort of comfort to the new terrains we’re exploring. Tread water with me, keep your head afloat, and share with me!

As for a bit about me..

I’m Logan, as the name suggests. In May I will graduate from university with my B.A. I more recently applied, and was rejected, for my first “big girl” job. I work as a box office as a local, and awesome, nonprofit arts theater. I have a love for all things ‘old’ and ‘vintage’ – i.e., fashion, television, music, decor, manners, etc.,I like animals and have a folder in my iphone of animal meme’s in which I can readily respond with appropriately. I live in an adorable apartment with my best friend in which we affectionately call the “Neroutic Nook” due to our love of Woody Allen, coffee, and, well, similar neurotic tendencies (that I”m certain many young girls our age likewise share.) I read often, but have a strong love of poetry. Oh, and I really love pickles.